This is the brand new website for The Blue Note Brothers based out of Orchard, Tx. All the information you need to know will be noted in detail in this area. Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on The Blue Note Brothers !

 The Blue Note Brothers collectively are a home town band that loves to play music for everyone, if you sit for 30 minutes at one of our gigs you'll see how diverse we can be. Everyone likes to have a good time and that is exactly what you will get with this band. We have played for many occasions including weddings, local bars/clubs, special events, benefits, etc.  

Blue Note Brothers Press Release:  https://BlueNoteBrothers.bandvista.com/utils.php?action=filemanager&file=10465


Hello everyone. Welcome to our page. We are very excited to finally get this band together and to be able to share our passion for music with you guys.  The Blue Note Brothers formed in late November of 2007. We have all gone our own direction musically at one point but found our selves really meshing well as a band. We grew up in a small town called Orchard where we all shared our love for playing music. Our entire family has been a huge influence in our ability to play music. With our grandfather (singer & guitar player) on our fathers side and grandmother (drummer) on our mother’s side we started out with a pretty good foundation. These gifts were passed down to our mother Marie Pavlock (singer & Bass player) and her brother Alfred Sulak. (Singer, Guitar, trumpet, piano, etc.). Al Sulak & the Country Sounds has been playing for around 27 years now. I remember my mother taking me to all of her gigs at a young age. It was this exposure to music that really influenced me in to becoming a musician. As years passed I then learned the drums and guitar from each grandparent. At that time my brothers, Cody and Shane, were barely old enough to walk. I couldn’t wait until they got old enough to start learning our family tradition. When they finally got old enough, I began teaching them how to play. Cody took an interest to drums and for Shane it was the guitar. We all practiced  and got good enough to start jamming with each other. The only set back was that we all liked different genre of music. This is where our father Rodney Pavlock came in to play. He has always been a dedicated supporter in everything that we do. I remember him tacking me to see Santana at The Woodlands. I fell in love with this blues/Latin sound. He then started to expose all of use to the blues. With artist like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix, Buddy Guy, and BB King playing around our house all the time we could not help falling in to the world of blues. As time passed we all took time to find what we were looking to do musically. We decided to start a Blues and County band based on the influence from the band that we all grew up around, "Al Sulak and the Country Sounds". We mimicked their sound and added our twist to form The Blue Note Brothers. We love playing music and having fun with our audience. We appreciate everyone’s’ support. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!     
--Written by Bryan Pavlock